ATAC-Seq course at the University of Limoges 7-10 November 2022

BovReg project will organize an onsite laboratory course on ATAC-Seq: data generation and bioinformatic analysis, to be held during 7th – 10th of November 2022 at the University of Limoges, France. The host is Veronique Blanquet and her group at ULIM.

When registering at the form, applicants should include a brief motivation letter to justify their participation highlighting their contribution and the connection to the FAANG community.  It will be convenient to have some familiarity with the UNIX command-line to follow the bioinformatics part of the workshop. Twelve (12) participants will be selected by the organizing group to the onsite version of the course based on these letters. Participation to the first day (online) is not limited by number. The course attendance is free, but the participants should organize and cover their travel and accommodation costs. Information on how to reach Limoges can be found here.

Accommodation options are available in a wide price range.


Registration starts June 1st

DEADLINE for registrations: August 15th


The preliminary program (Details on schedule will be confirmed later) consists of:

Monday 7.11. (can also be attended online), starting at noon

  • Welcome, and short presentations from onsite attendees – Veronique Blanquet (ULIM)
  • From FAANG to Fork: Application of Highly Annotated Genomes to Improve Farmed Animal Production – Emily Clark (Roslin)
  • BovReg project overview – Christa Kuehn (FBN)
  • ATACseq: concept and technology – Anne-Sophie Ay-Berthomieu (Active Motif)
  • ATACseq data analysis /BovReg ATACSeq pipeline –Jose Espinosa-Carrasco (CRG)
  • Open chromatin landscape in a diverse catalogue of tissues from divergent breeds/crosses for functional annotation: the BovReg application Gabriel Costa (ULIEGE)
  • Profiling of open chromatin in developing pig (Sus scrofa) muscle to identify regulatory regions Mazdak Salavati (Roslin)

Tuesday 8.11. full day hands-on wet lab UNILIM

  • from purification of nuclei until library preparation, sequencing demonstration from libraries generated in earlier project

Wednesday 9.11. hands-on bioinformatic analyses; instructors Jose and Björn (CRG); Gabriel (ULIEGE)

  • Bioinformatic analyses (from data generated in earlier project); computers available from ULIM
  • Lunchtime visit to Limousine cattle Breed Center

Thursday 10.11. hands-on bioinformatic analyses, until noon

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