WP10 – Open data distribution

WP10 Open data distribution WP Leader: Daniel Zerbino (EMBL) EMBL, CRG
Task 10.1 Data distribution (including data management plan) Task Leader: Daniel Zerbino (EMBL) EMBL
Task 10.2 Metadata distribution Task Leader: Daniel Zerbino (EMBL) EMBL
Task 10.3 Distribution of methods Task Leader: Evan Floden (CRG) CRG


WP10 objectives

WP10 will provide open access to the research data produced by the BovReg consortium, applying FAIR principles. In particular, all the data, metadata and methods required to replicate our work will be easily available to the community. Much of this work will directly re-use and expand on existing infrastructure, in particular the FAANG DCC.


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