Democs Game Results

Once you’ve played the game: Send us your Outputs

1. Upload your Results on-line

There are three sets of outputs from a Democs game which can be filled in here, on-line: Cluster Cards, individual Voting Sheets, and a Group Feedback Form. We explain here how to do this.

Give a 4 character Unique Code to your group

First of all, to enable us to process your results, you will be asked to give your group a Unique Code of 3 letters, (e.g. ANW) plus a single number. If you are playing just 1 game, use number 1, so your Unique Code would be ANW1. If you are playing more than one game at a time at the same place, use 1 if you are in first game, 2 if you are the second, and so on. This means that each game would have it’s own code: ANW1, ANW2 etc., which enables us to know which results
belong to which game. You will be asked for this Unique Code for all three sets of on-line outputs from your game. [Hint : please don’t use ABC1 because someone else might have chosen it already!]

Fill in your Cluster Cards

Cluster cards give the views of your group. Agree as a group what you want to say on each card, and get one (or more) player to fill in the online card(s) on behalf of the group.

This link Fill in Cluster Cards will take you to a Qualtrics survey form. The form starts by asking you to fill in the Unique Code for your game (e.g. ANW1), record a number for your cluster card (C1, C2, C3, C4 .. up to 4 cards), and then fill in the three parts of a Cluster Card :

  • A Title

  • A short Statement or Question (Try and make the statement as clear as possible so that we understand exactly what you mean.)

  • The Card Numbers of all the cards you have used to make this cluster. (This is so we have a record of which cards were used, which helps us in our analysis).

Once you have filled in the first Cluster Card C1, use the same link Fill in Cluster Cards to fill in the second Cluster Card, calling it C2, and so on. You can fill in up to 4 cards.

Fill in your Voting Sheets on-line

Each player fills in their own personal Voting Sheet. The group should assign a number for each person in the group, from V1, V2, V3 … up to V8.

This link Fill in Voting Sheets will take you to a Qualtrics survey form. The form will
first ask the player to write in the Unique Number for the game (e.g. ANW2) they are playing, and then their player number. So if you are player 3 you write V3. The form then asks you to answer a series of questions and, if you wish to do so, give your reasons.

Fill in the Group Feedback Form for your game on-line

The Group Feedback form tells us essential information about when you played the game, where, how many people played it, plus – if you wish to give them – the age and gender cohorts, and your opinions about the usefulness of the game. No personal names are recorded, so that players’ opinions always remain anonymous.

This link Fill in Group Feedback Form will take you to a Qualtrics survey form. This asks for the Unique Code for the game (e.g. ANW2) and then invites one person (usually the ‘dealer’) to fill in the feedback form on behalf of the group. Note : if you are playing more than one game at a time, each game should fill in its own Group Feedback Form.

2. Other Ways to Send us your Results

If you have not filled the cluster cards, voting sheets and feedback form online, you can scan them and send them as email attachments. If you cannot scan them, email us to arrange sending them by post.

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