WP7 – Biology-driven selection

WP7 Biology-driven selection WP Leader: Mogens Lund (AU) AU, INRAE, ULIEGE, ETH Zürich, WR, LUKE, UALBERTA, FMV-ULisboa
Task 7.1 Models for biology driven genomic selection Task Leader: Luc Janss (AU) AU, INRAE
Task 7.2 Validating biology-driven genomic selection within and across small breeds Task Leader: Yvette de Haas (WR) WR, AU, ETH Zürich, FMV-ULisboa, ULIEGE, INRAE, LUKE


WP7 objectives

WP7 has two main objectives: (1) To develop novel genomic prediction methods that integrate information from (a) the features of functionally active regulatory and structural elements (WP2) and from (b) prioritized WGS variants, eQTL, aseQTL, QTL, sQTL (WP4); (2) To test the hypothesis that these models can predict phenotypes and genomic breeding values more accurately than currently applied methods.

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