WP8 – Ethics and societal issues

WP8 Ethics and societal issues WP Leader: Franck Meijboom (UU) UU, EAAP, UEDIN, Edinethics
Task 8.1 Mapping of societal context of livestock genomics: an ethical analysis Task Leader: Franck Meijboom (UU) UU, EAAP, UALBERTA, UEDIN
Task 8.2 Public engagement and social perception of new breeding technologies Task Leader: Ann Bruce (UEDIN) UEDIN, EAAP, Edinethics, LUKE, UU
Task 8.3 Synthesizing the analysis into framework(s) for stakeholder organizations Task Leader: Franck Meijboom (UU) UU, EAAP, UALBERTA


WP8 objectives

This high-level scientific research is done in a context in which livestock practices are challenged by wider societal questions such as animal welfare, climate change, biodiversity, and how we produce our food. WP8 aims to promote a responsible innovation approach to livestock genomics that demonstrates an awareness and responsiveness to the societal challenges involved, and is an example of science for and with society. This requires more than merely providing facts to the public. T8.1 will analyse the potential societal implications of the expected outcomes of the BovReg project, with an inclusive approach that brings together the expertise of animal scientists, social science and ethics, with input from livestock producers and other stakeholders and citizens. This will explore and anticipate possible mismatches between, on the one hand, the project’s scientific genetic research and implications for future livestock development, and societal preferences and concerns on the other. T8.2 will commence a process of public engagement to explore perspectives from civil society and selected stakeholders on animal breeding technologies by creating and using a Democs card game. T8.3 will integrate the findings into an ethical framework that can help stakeholders in livestock genomics to be responsive to the goals of responsible innovation.



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