ATAC-Seq Workshop

The University of Limoge, 7th -10th November 2022. 

The following video presentations were recorded during the first day of the workshop, held in Limoges and streamed online.

Program available here.

BovReg project overview

Christa Kuehn (FBN, Institute of Genome Biology, Dummerstorf, Germany)

From FAANG to Fork: Application of Highly Annotated Genomes to Improve Farmed Animal Production

Emily Clark (Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh)

ATACseq: concept and technology 

Anne-Sophie Ay-Berthomieu (Active Motif)

ATACseq data analysis /BovReg ATACSeq pipeline

Jose Espinosa-Carrasco (Centre for Genomic Regulation, Barcelona)

Open chromatin landscape in a diverse catalogue of tissues from divergent breeds/crosses for functional annotation: the BovReg application

Gabriel Costa (University of Liege, Belgium)

Profiling of open chromatin in developing pig (Sus scrofa) muscle to identify regulatory regions

Mazdak Salavati (Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh)

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