WP9 – Training, Communication, Dissemination

WP9 Training, Communication, Dissemination WP Leader: Johanna Vilkki (LUKE) LUKE, FBN, CRG, INRAE, ULIEGE, ETH Zürich, WR, AU, EMBL, EAAP, UEDIN, UNILIM, FMV-ULisboa, Edinethics
Task 9.1 Coordination with other proposals of the call topic, FAANG-Europe and global FAANG Task Leader: Christa Kühn (FBN) FBN, INRAE
Task 9.2 Wet-lab, bioinformatics and statistical modelling training courses Task Leader: Johanna Vilkki (LUKE) LUKE, AU, CRG, FMV-ULisboa, ULIEGE, INRAE, UNILIM
Task 9.3 Communication about the project and its activities Task Leader: Riccardo Carelli (EAAP) EAAP; all partners
Task 9.4 Dissemination and Demonstration Task Leader: Johanna Vilkki (LUKE) LUKE, AU, EAAP, Edinethics, ETH Zürich, FBN, UEDIN, UU, WR


WP9 objectives

BovReg will identify and implement options of achieving synergy across projects funded under this call topic. We will conduct training, communication and efficient knowledge transfer within BovReg’s partners, including joint activities with the SFS-30-2018 cluster of projects, global FAANG initiatives, especially the FAANG Communications Group, and breeding industry. BovReg will contribute to international cooperation to ensure maximal synergy and avoid overlaps through broad dissemination activities for promoting diverse project results. Demonstrating the use of the biological information in an actual breeding program will achieve awareness of the stakeholders of potential direct application of BovReg results.

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