Centre Interrégional d’Information et de Recherche en Production Ovine

Since 2003, the CIIRPO (Interregional Center for Information et Research in sheep) manages the meat sheep experimental farm of Le Mourier located near Limoges in France. Strongly linked to IDELE, the CIIRPO meets the expectations of the sheep industry by constantly adapting its work, equipment and experimentations.

A research platform: over the last ten years, more than 70 trials have been conducted by the CIIRPO in Le Mourier with a systematic assessment of technical, economic, labour or environmental impact. The thematic are large and cover all the aspect of sheep production.

A place for meetings and exchanges: thematic meetings are organized by the CIIRPO specifically for farmers, technicians or students (more than 1000 visits/year).

A team strongly linked with the regional sheep industry: the team of the experimental sheep farm is composed of 7 engineers and technicians who ensure the operation of the farm, the experiments and the dissemination of the results. In 2015, the farm obtained its approval for animal testing. The team is trained and involved in monitoring animal welfare. In 2017, the farm was labeled DIGIFERME® (http://digifermes.com). This brings the CIIRPO in collaboration with IDELE in the field of digital technology for sheep with the objective to benefit for the greatest number of farmers.

Website: idele.fr/reseaux-et-partenariats/ciirpo.html

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Le-Ciirpo-1583854265236483/?ref=hl

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