Organisme de Selection de Races Ovines des Massifs

ROM Sélection gathers 200 breeders through membership, for 60 000 ewes.

ROM Sélection’s goals for each breed are as follows :

  • Share collective ways and means dedicated to the breeds registered as members
  • Define the characteristics of the breed and certify that an animal belongs to this very breed
  • Define the objectives of the selective breeding scheme
  • Coordinate daily the selective breeding scheme
  • Update the breed database (recording of the performances and pedigree)
  • Ensure the promotion of the breed.

Since its creation, ROM Sélection has expanded its missions to meet the needs expressed by its members and partners. Our professional managers and technical team are also getting deeply involved into:

  • Genetic counselling
  • The marketing of sires with a high offspring potential
  • Health program management (program focused on increasing genetic resistance to scrapie)
  • Land-use planning projects
  • The development of tools integrating new technologies
  • Exchanges of know-how with partners from other sheep producing areas in France as well as abroad.

A number of programs are also developed in partnership with regional planning organisations, such as the Conservatoire des Espaces Naturels (Natural Areas Conservation Committee) or Parc Naturel (Natural Park). In this context, ROM Sélection acts as a connecting link between breeders and organisations specialised into environment.

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