Universidad de León

The Universidad de León (UNILEON) is located in León a city of the Northwest of Spain. This institution develops recognised research in most of the scientific fields with an outstanding activity in the areas of Life Sciences (e.g., Biomedicine and Animal Sciences) and TICs. Historically one of the most active areas of research in UNILEON has been Animal Science, linked to the academic and scientific history of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine which was founded in 1852. The research group “Animal Genetic Improvement” (MEGA) has focused its research activity for more than 30 years on the Genetic Improvement of small ruminants, mainly dairy sheep. On the one hand, the group collaborates with the breeders’ associations of the Region for the coordination of genetic improvement schemes for local populations, including the use of molecular information in genetic improvement programmes. In addition, over the last few years, the lines of research of the MEGA group coordinated by Dr. Juan J. Arranz, have focused on the study the molecular basis of traits related with milk production in sheep. In this sense, different projects have been carried out to exploit genomic tools for the study of sustainable dairy sheep production.

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