University of Debrecen – Debreceni Egyetem

The University of Debrecen, as a leading and prominent institution of Hungarian higher education and in line with the spirit of the Magna Charta of European Universities, is dedicated to developing and improving universal scholarship and Hungarian society by providing high-quality, versatile and interdisciplinary educational as well as research and development programs. Such a mission is pursued jointly by the faculty, staff, and students of the university committed to high quality and in cooperation with Hungarian and international partners.

The agriculturural reasearch, training and education activity is one of the basic root of the University. One of the most focused research program and aim in the animal husbandry is the small ruminant sector development at our University. The main topics in sheep development are the biotechnological technics development (AI, ET), heat stress effect on lambfattening, gastrointestinal parasite contoll in sheep, development of cost-benefit efficiency in sheep sector, recording the data of the different genotypes adaptive capability.

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