Advisory Board

The BovReg Consortium decided to put a scientific focus on its External Expert Advisory Board (EEAB). The EEAB comprises leading representatives from the FAANG consortia in the EU, USA and Australia and one representative each from the other projects funded under the same call to ensure ongoing close connections to all FAANG developments and within the cluster of projects. It further includes top international experts on genome annotation in human and laboratory animals, i.e. GTex and ELIXIR, experts in bioinformatics and on animal breeding.

The EEAB will have the important task of deepening contacts to other projects and ensuring that BovReg avoids potential overlaps and duplications. It will provide opportunities to merge forces for the benefit of the overall FAANG initiative, supplying information on the latest achievements and developments in human and laboratory animal genome annotation. Terms of Reference for the EEAB will cover the above and other formal duties to review progress and provide recommendations to the GA and the PC.


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