BovReg Final Conference

About the conference

The BovReg final conference was held at the University Foundation in Brussels on 14- 15 February 2024. It showcased a comprehensive 2-day agenda to report and discuss, with both main actors of the research community and industry, the achievements and impacts of the project. The conference also included the celebration of 10 years of FAANG, providing the US and Australian perspectives. It was overall attended by 120 people, 40 in presence and 80 online.

Final Conference agenda

Videos and presentations available

Day 1 – Sessions:

Christa Kühn (FBN) – Overview of the BovReg Project – PDF presentation (please contact

Cattle Genome Annotation

In vitro Models

Bioinformatic Tools and Databases

Epigenome Sensitivity

Global non-livestock perspectives

US FAANG Perspective

Day 2 – Sessions:

Industry Perspective of FAANG

Molecular and Zootechnical Phenotype Variation

Detection of regulatory genes and variants

Application of Genomic Variant Information into Cattle Breeding

The Ethical and Societal Dimensions of Genome Information Assisted Breeding: the Importance of Public Engagement

Invited talks from

EuroFAANG RI Ambitions

European Commission advice and support

Carole Charlier (University of Liege), Elisabetta Giuffra (INRAE), Amanda Chamberlain (Agricultural Victoria Research), James Koltes (Iowa University), Christa Kühn (FBN) – Panel discussion: Future of Functional Annotation beyond BovReg

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